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For people who value an academic and community-based educational experience, Catholic Central School is the only system in the Springfield region that fosters "whole person" excellence and character building: encouraging students, parents, alumni and staff to "Get Centered" by being part of an institution that is:

- Committed to Academic Excellence
- Supportive in building a lifelong Community
- Rooted in a foundation of the Catholic faith. 


"Show Your Love of Central"

A senior's speech from the Irish Council Reception

Good evening. My name is Daniel Ritter, and I’m a senior at Catholic Central.  As I began to prepare my remarks for tonight, I was faced with quite the case of writer’s block. It wasn’t a lack of something to say but rather an overabundance of things that I wished to share. After some reflection on what senior year has meant to me so far, I found where I wished to start.

As I prepare to submit college applications, the thought of leaving Catholic Central gives me mixed feelings. I’ve spent almost my entire life in the Catholic Central school system, from preschool and elementary at the Limestone Campus to junior high and high school on High Street. The past fourteen or so years have taught me unimaginable amounts, from basic reading and writing to advanced calculus and physics. I’ve formed close friendships with both my classmates and my teachers, and I’ve had amazing experiences through service, sports, and other extracurriculars. I can honestly say that there is no place where I would rather be.

On the other hand, I must admit that I’m ready to tackle the next stage in my life. It’s a stage that fills me with equal amounts of both trepidation and excitement. Reflecting back on my time at Catholic Central, however, I see just how well prepared I am. For many years I never realized or thought about how lucky I was to attend a school like Catholic Central. The teachers and staff have opened more doors for me than I can begin to count. They have also helped to shape the path of my education after I graduate. Entering elementary school, I wished, like many others, to be an astronaut or a secret agent. As I gradually moved away from those career paths, I found myself interested in a wide variety of things, but nothing seemed to fit quite right. It wasn't until a conversation with my english teacher at the end of my sophomore year that I realized my true interests: the study of groups of people, government, and politics. The study of these interests isn't possible without a strong foundation, however, and Catholic Central has provided me just that. My teachers have pushed me to become a better analytical learner and have taught me how to think critically and from all angles. From an internship with the City Manager during Winter Term to a trip to Italy last summer with my Latin class, Catholic Central has helped to expand my vision of the world and has given me the tools to change it.

One of the parts that I know I will miss the most is the spirit that our school has. There is nothing more exciting than listening to our student section fill up Jason Collier Gymnasium with the sounds of a pep rally or basketball game. And it isn't just a select few who make that noise. Everyone comes out, everyone participates, and everyone is welcome. We are proud to be students of Catholic Central. The sense of community we have is indescribable. Words can't do justice to the camaraderie that I feel when I'm with my class at retreats, special events, or even at lunch.

               I speak on behalf of both myself and the student body when I say that without donors like yourselves, none of this would be possible. Over the years, an exceptional environment has formed at Catholic Central. From our willingness to work hard to our infectious school spirit to our amazing teachers and staff, Catholic Central is a unique and special community. Thank you for helping us to cultivate this community so that Catholic Central may continue to carry on its mission to educate and prepare students for a fulfilling, Christ-like life.

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   CCHS Stem Club


On Monday, November 16, the CCHS STEM Club welcomed their first guest speaker, Mr. Tracy Sample, who came in to teach the club about UAV/drone operation. Mr. Sample even brought in a model drone that the students were able to fly. He taught the group about how the drone industry is growing and what that could look like in the future. They discussed the applications of drone technology and the many types of engineering that come together to produce new and better drones. Club president, Nolan Hanna ‘16, thought the presentation was very interesting and a lot of fun. As the STEM Club continues to grow, they hope to have more guest speakers give presentations on many different STEM-related topics.


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